Klara is 3 Months Old

My sweet baby is already 3 months old.  How time flies when you are working hard and falling in love every day!

Weight: 14 lbs + (she has more than doubled her birth weight of 6 lbs 13 oz.)

Height: Around 24.5+ inches

Eye Color: dark blue

Hair: dark blonde/light brown.  She was born with brown hair but then lost a lot of what was on the top, and now it has come back in more of a blonde color.

Eating: She is still exclusively breast-feeding and has more than doubled her birth weight (she started out at 6 lbs 13 oz)

Skills: She can hold her head up very well when laying on her belly but doesn’t try to roll over in that position.  She can roll from her back to her side all by herself though!  In addition, she loves standing up and can do that very well and also has began grabbing at objects in front of her. It’s apparent that she realizes she has control of her hands, and boy does she love kickin those feet.

Teething:  We don’t think she is teething but she drools a lot now, sucks on her hands a lot, puts my hands in her mouth to suck on, and sometimes rubs her face.  She however does not seem to be in pain (yet).  We don’t really see any teeth emerging but it is only a matter of time

Sleep:  Klara usually wakes up 2x per night.  Once around 1-2am and again usually around 5-6 am.  Rarely, she wakes up once per night around 4am (which happened last night).  I am grateful that she goes back down to sleep really easily after those night-time feedings.  She has also been in her crib in her own room for about 3 weeks now and it has been going great.  The baby monitors make it much easier, of course.  We have made so much progress since the first 2 weeks when she would not sleep at night when she was set down in the pack ‘n play!

Emotional/Cognitive Development:  She recognizes mommy, smiles up a storm at almost anyone, giggles (not full-on laughing yet) has been squealing and screaming like crazy, and is just a happy baby.  She has not been colic-y, sad, stressed or upset very much at all.  We know we have gotten very lucky with her temperament and are just enjoying it all.

Cloth Diapering:  Going great…better than I expected, actually!  I’ll have a post up soon all about how we do that and how it’s been going for those who are interested.

Dislikes: pacifier, bottle, being laid down flat for daytime naps.

Likes: Just about anything most babies like!  Breastfeeding, baths, diaper changes, CEILING FANS, toys, talking, squealing, smiling, looking at contrasting colors, faces, watching the TV (uh oh!).

Night Routine:  We put on a clean diaper,  put on jammies, put on a sleep sack, and then nurse.

I guess that’s all for now 🙂  I hope to write about more than just baby/mom related things on this blog but for now this is what I’ve got.

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