Klara is 19 months+ Family Update

This child of mine has grown in leaps and bounds as she always has.  She makes numerous peoples’ lives brighter each time they see her.  I am convinced that she is too good to be true because she is such a good girl.  On the other side of all this, being a parent is probably the most fulfilling thing possible.  I know that being a parent isn’t for everyone, but it is for us.  Other people find fulfillment from things like traveling and exploring but I could never be this happy just from traveling or helping others (although those both are fun and wonderful things).  This is on its own level.  Being a parent is amazing.  You’re tired a lot, you work really hard, and you’re very busy.  But I would sacrifice a lot more if that was what it meant to be Klara’s mama.

Anyway, I love her a lot.  Onto how she is doing

Height: 31.8″

Weight: 22 lbs 14 oz

Teeth:  For a few months, she has had all of her teeth that she will have until her 2 yr old molars come in!  So she has 16 teeth.

Naps:  She has been on 1 nap for almost 2 months.  She really liked holding onto her 2 naps until she was into her 16th month.  During the night, she almost always sleeps through the night and lately it’s been close to 11-12 hours even.  Go babe!  We lay her down between 7:30 and 8.

Skills/Milestones:  Her grasp of crayons is fantastic!  At our new house she has a play table and has access to them constantly and I think that is really helping her get lots of good practice. She is able to climb onto our couch  now as well as throwing balls across the room.  I can’t believe how great her communication is and how receptive to learning she is.  We are working on sharing but I know that it will take years for that skill to develop.  Right now she really enjoys the Sesame Street characters even though she doesn’t watch the show.  Books, coloring, going outside, balls, swinging, running up and down the halls, sitting on her potty, taking care of her baby doll, visiting her baby cousin Ollie ❤

We left Tacoma!  I never thought that I would leave Tacoma because I love it, but the opportunity to buy Jacob’s grandparents’ house came up and we were able to make the huge decision to sell our starter house in Tacoma in order to buy this house in Edgewood.  It was definitely in Fixer Upper condition but with incessant work (mostly from Jacob but also a lot from me), exhaustion, and determination, we have made a huge difference in the house.  We are not done, but we are taking a little break from disturbing indoor renovations.  What is to come?  We are hoping to possibly get a barn cat, a dog, chickens, and possibly a goat! Who knows.

From now on, I think I might only do yearly updates on Klara, or just take it to a different medium altogether.  Writing about her has been so enjoyable but I think this chapter has ended on my blog.


❤ ❤ ❤

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