Klara- 14 months old

Since I last made a post on this blog, we have moved and I have planned 2 parties.  It doesn’t sound like much but life is tiring nowadays and I love it.  What do you know, baby is 14 months old!  She is such a joy–always has been–but we love seeing her develop so quickly.  There is so much that we are able to teach her.  She understands a lot more than she can express so it is really intriguing to try and guess what she is thinking. Anyway…the update.  This will be a jumble but I’d rather have it over having nothing.

Height:  29.5 inches (best guess, was 29 inches @ 12 mo.)

Weight: 21 lbs (best guess, same weight as she was @ 12 mo.)

Eye color:  Hazel

Hair color:  dark blond but in sunlight there are reddish hues

Size: 12 m, 18 m, she can fit into both most of the time right now

Teeth:  I see several molars popping up and she gets fussy from time to time…no surprise there!  So far, she has at least 10 teeth (2 being molars) but I think there could be another molar.  That’s a lot!

Sleep:  She usually sleeps through the night but she does occasionally wake up for feedings still.  She takes a nap around 9:30 am and another around 2:30 pm.  We tried switching to 1 naps because I thought she was showing me signs that she needed to…my mistake.

Recent-ish Milestones: WALKING (13 mos). Crawling (10 mo.), waving bye bye and hi, plays peek-a-boo (she hides), drink from a baby cup, feeds herself with spoon or from pouch, signs “more,” “all done” and “thank you,” & “please.” On her body, knows where her head, nose, and ears are. She will hold up 1 finger if you ask her how old she is. She can imitate gestures.  Said “Duggee” one time! (“Hey Duggee” is her favorite show, not that she’s had a choice in TV programming) Regularly says “hi,” “bye,” and she knows that doggies *pant,* kitties go “meow,” elephants *trumpet,* monkeys go “oo-oo, ahh-ahh!” and she imitates the SH in “shoes” and the CH in “cheerios” or at least tries! She can kick a ball.  Is able to follow one-step directions by herself (“put the ball in the basket!”) and can follow two-step directions with a bit of prompting. She has been giving hugs to me and family which is too precious.

Eating: Breakfast is almost always oatmeal, prunes, and cheerios.  We may add in another fruit, eggs, or toast depending on what I’m having.  She likes Swedish Pancakes as well!  Lunch is random- we usually include yogurt, some sort of packaged baby food and she has gone from being okay with some natural fruits to refusing them.  Ahh!  Dinner is random as well- we try to involve her in what we have but it’s not always possible.  She likes pizza (we give her small pieces). Whatever she has, she likes it better when she gets to feed herself.

Activities:  We have done some water painting, go on walks regularly, visit parks, the zoo (where she spends more time watching people than the animals-kids are more like wild animals than the animals are), riding her Radioflyer trike, riding in her Tahoe and 4-wheeler, walking around the house, enjoying music and playing instruments, EMPTYING containers, going in a kiddie pool, being pulled in laundry basket, independently playing with books, using her imagination with stuffed animals (pretend feeding them), playing in spray parks,..etc.!

Daily Routine: Wake up 7am, Nurse. Breakfast 8am. Nurse. Nap 9:30am. Lunch 12pm. Nurse. Nap 2:30pm (but sometimes fights this nap!),  Dinner 5pm. Bed 7:30-8.

Baths are every other day or every 2nd day.


It’s a whirlwind ❤


Here is a sign that my mother-in-law made for her 1st birthday:





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