Baby Klara- 9.5 months old!

Well it has certainly been a while since I have written a blog.  Baby Klara turned 9 months old on 03/02/2017 but right after that we jetted off to Maui with my in-laws and ever since, there hasn’t been much time to write on here about Klara.  Let’s get started, shall we?

Milestones:  Where do I begin? First, I feel like I should catch you up. In the last 5 months, she has mastered rolling over, clapping, snowmobiling (haha!), sitting up, reaching for and grabbing desired objects, saying “ba ba ba”, “da da da”, and “ma ma ma”, getting her first 2 teeth (back in Nov ’16), widening her range of emotions, learning to play peek-a-boo, getting quick at army crawling, and absolutely loving seeing herself in the mirror. She will clap her hands at anything that brings her joy but she most certainly knows to clap when we sing “patty cake” or “if you’re happy and you know it.” There is probably so much more that I am forgetting.  Oh yes!  She has a 4 wheeler now and also has been on a carousel at the zoo.

MUCH more recently, She has managed to pull herself up from a sitting position to a standing position, grow 3 new teeth, and more.  I will say, “Klara, what does the doggie say?” and then I pant like a doggie does, and when I point at her and say “your turn!” she will do it back.  I think that is probably the best thing I have taught her so far.  This girl LOVES looking at strangers.  She stares at them and waits for them to lock eyes with her and when they do, she smiles, laughs, and becomes so very happy with herself.

Height:  27.5 inches (35th percentile)

Weight: 19 lbs 3 oz (64th percentile)

Eye color:  Hazel–used to be blue

Hair color:  like mine…dark blonde.

Eating: She started with eating rice cereal at 6 months of age and now she has tried so much.  We mostly buy her baby food.  She has had prunes, squash, sweet potato, avocado, prunes, pears, peas, carrots, chicken & apples, peaches, mangoes, spinach, oatmeal and most recently we are giving her puffs which is more solid and she gets to work on her pincer grasp.  Soon we will add in rice, spaghetti, and cheerios.

Teething:  It comes and goes.  This month, she has started growing 3 new teeth one right after the other.  We don’t blame her one bit if she is in pain and we try and give her cooled toys, wet washcloths, and I’ll nurse her as much as she feels like.

Sleep:  What is sleeping through the night at this age?  Anyway, Klara usually goes to bed around 7:30-8, wakes up around 4am to nurse, then sleeps again until about 7.  We’re good with that.

Night routine:  clean diaper, read 2-3 books, sing lullabies, then lay down to sleep at 7:30-8.

Cloth Diapering:  We have invested in a few bamboo inserts for extra absorption for night time and they work really well.

Klara had her first trip to Maui this month from March 5-12.  It was great, but a lot of work for her parents.  We certainly are not complaining because the room was all paid for, but realizing that our freedom was severely limited.  I even had to tell the family ‘no we can’t do that’ and that sort of a thing because we had to respect her sleep schedule to a certain degree. I didn’t care too much because we have been there before.  Anyway, Klara had a great time spending so much time with family!  She didn’t care too much about the beach but we are so glad she experienced a new environment with interesting sights, sounds, and and feels. Yep, I just wrote “feels.”  Mom and Dad got to go whale watching and snorkeling with sea turtles along with having shave ice twice.  We had plenty of quality time which was great.



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