3-D Ultrasound Pictures

Here are some pictures from Klara’s 3-D Ultrasound from March 11th.

     We learned from the 2-D portion of it that she will probably have a lot of hair at birth! We’ll, of course, see if that is true or not, but it was so funny to see so much hair since I always thought I would have a bald baby.  The picture is in the slideshow below with the red arrows pointing to the hair shooting off her head.  It’s kind of  a strange shot, but it really shows the hair.

We also got to see her open and close her eyes.  I was able to feel some of the movements that she would make and actually see what the movement was on the screen.  It was so strange!

How wonderful it was to see our baby girl.  Grandmas joined us as well and fun was had by everyone.


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