24 Week Update + Name


My Weight Gain: Up about 8 pounds overall

Her Size: Almost 12 inches from head to heel, and around the size of an ear of corn. She weighs well over a pound right now (close to 1.5 lbs) and has a 50% chance of survival if she were born right now (hoping she isn’t born anytime soon!).  As of 01/14, she was in the 45th percentile for size.

Sleep: My sleep is regularly interrupted by my bladder nowadays.
>>>Morning Sickness: I have stopped taking Unisom at night for morning sickness and simply take an extra dose of vitamin b6 instead.  It seems to be doing the trick!

Cravings: It wasn’t until the past week or two that I really have been enjoying sweets.  I guess I have small cravings- nothing that I need RIGHT NOW!!

Movement:  I finally felt her for the first time around the end of week 20! I realized all of the other times I thought I was able to feel her, I wasn’t. Her movements are pretty subdued due to the fact that my placenta is in the front which acts as a barrier.  All I know is I can feel her, but I am never sure whether its a punch, kick, or general movement.

  Alrighty!  Here is my week 24 belly:


   Today I am 24 weeks along! People are starting to tell me that I look big.  Random people acknowledge my bump and smile or snicker things to me.  It’s just a different kind of attention is all.  Only another month until I’m in the third trimester and in another 15 weeks I will be full term. Her name is going to be Klara Jean Jorgensen.  We really like the name Klara. It is Scandinavian (but has a rather large array of countries that use it) and the meaning is clarity.  We chose Jean because it is the middle name of both of her grandmothers.

     Over the last month, we have done a lot to get her room prepared: we got a good deal on a new glider from Grandma Linda, got a swing from Grandpa Bob, a crib from her cousin Sofia, and a new stroller from Nana Sheryl and Grandpa Dan (i don’t know what he wants to be called yet).  Also, we painted the walls and are beginning to register!  We have registries started at Amazon and Babies R Us, and Target.  It’s all part of the nesting process.

     I officially no longer fit into my pants with the exception of yoga pants, pjs, and sweats.  There was one pair that was so good to me.  That goodness is now over because I can’t button/close them without a hair tie. Time to invest in a few more pairs of maternity pants.

     We are so excited to meet our little girl. 112 days until her due date (and her dad and auntie’s birthday)!  We will be taking a birth class later this month and I hope to take a newborn care class in March or April.

Comparison of weeks 16, 20, and 24

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