20 Weeks-She’s a SHE!!

I have WONDERFUL NEWS…baby is a GIRL!!



My Weight Gain: 2 pounds

Her Size: 10 inches from head to heel, but usually curled up in about the size of a banana.  She weighs about 10 oz.  Only a few more weeks until she will reach 1 pound!

Sleep:  I sleep very well, usually getting around 9 hours every night.  I don’t regularly wake up at this point.

Cravings:  A Dairy Queen chocolate Sundae…I was recovering from a stomach flu and that was the only thing I wanted.  Aversions:  This week, my husband’s pizza smelled nasty.  I didn’t think I would ever think that about my favorite food.

Movement:  Sometimes I put my hands on my belly and think I feel movement, but then it just feels like a pulse.  I am so unsure if I have felt her yet and it really is about time I start to.


Sorry i go a little crazy with the editing.

Today I am 20 weeks pregnant!  That is so weird to think about.  Although, from about weeks 6-14 I was having it pretty rough, just wanting the first trimester to be over with.  Now that it is, I have a lot more energy, but the morning sickness, to my disbelief, still hangs around if I do not take my 1/2 a pill of Unisom every night.  I am up about 2 pounds, which I can’t believe it isn’t more just based on the size of my stomach.  My appetite really has not been huge–I think I will try to adopt the “smaller meals, more frequently” idea.

This week was pretty horrible because there was a stomach flu type of outbreak at my workplace.  I definitely caught it and the whole building is in quarantine.  I think I definitely didn’t have it too bad though.  No fever, only threw up 3 times.  Trust me, it wasn’t morning sickness. However, I was really worried about baby because I wasn’t eating or drinking for a while, thus depleting myself of fluids and ALL of my energy.  Luckily, 1 day later I felt a little better and I think both baby and I are okay!  I called my midwife and they didn’t seem too worried either.

We told everyone on Christmas that we would not be finding out the sex of the baby until mid-January but we actually made an appointment for December 26th to find out.  What liars we are.  We went in and found out that baby is a girl. We had several glimpses and are pretty dang sure that she is a girl.  She was so active on the ultrasound, of which we got 20 minutes of.  It already looks like she has her dad’s feet, haha.  She was also sucking her thumb in there, and seemed to prefer using her left hand over her right.  She got in plenty of stretching and opening her mouth!  It was so wonderful to see.  I love our little girl so much! After that, we immediately went to Babies R Us, bought some girl clothes, and plotted the way in which we would tell our families.

(If anyone lives in Pierce County and is interested in finding out the gender early, getting a DVD of the baby as well as pictures, check out Prenatal Universe.  It was well worth it in our opinion (I watch the ultrasound video a lot)).

The last several weeks in comparison… 16, 18, and 20 weeks

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