18 Week Pregnancy Update

Hello, hello!  I am now 18 weeks pregnant.  The baby is now 5.5″ long and I haven’t been able to feel him/her yet.  I feel as though my morning sickness may be coming to an end…although I am afraid to stop taking Unisom (which has been helping me). However, the past 2 nights I have been only taking half a pill–still sleeping well with no morning sickness!

Here are my pictures for 18 weeks.  I am looking a bit frumpy today and definitely larger than normal, I think, because I just ate a lot of food.  However, I am sure seeing that baby bump emerging and I am loving it (most of the time!)


Is baby a boy or a girl?  What are your predictions?  The majority of people in my life think it’s a girl.  Here are some Old Wives Tales we’ve looked at:

  1. Chinese Gender Test: (takes mother’s age and month of conception into account) BOY.
  2. Morning Sickness: (yes/a lot= girl, not much/none=boy) GIRL.
  3. Heartbeat: ( >140= girl, <140= boy).  Heartbeat was 156.  GIRL.
  4. Skin: (acne=girl, glowing=boy) GIRL.
  5. Cravings (salty=boy, sweet=girl) BOY.

I guess that’ll be it!  I guess we will find out the gender for sure in a few weeks.


Comparison of 16 and 18 weeks:

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