Practicing Perfect Patience

Patience is something that I should work on developing.  Truthfully, I think that many others would benefit from developing this skill.  Or is it a trait?  I think that it is both.  Improving your level of patience is important because at the end of the day, it is better for you as a person.  Patience for yourself as well as things outside of yourself can help you flourish and grow into a better version of yourself. A higher level of patience can also bring peace of mind, a lower level of stress, and the ability to give yourself pause and think things through more accurately.

Life is going to throw many things in your way.  Some will be good, others bad, and there will even be things that you were wrong about when you initially gauged them.  The most beneficial thing that you can bring to the table when you are bombarded by these things is patience.  To have the ability to take whatever life throws at you and keep your wits about you–knowing that things will work out–knowing that some days will be tragic and that if you hang on long enough you will get some miracles too–is a skill that needs to be honed and maintained.

Patience allows us to live in the moment more.  Rather than getting upset when things don’t go the way you want, with patience you can open your eyes and appreciate the other options that life hands you.  It often gives you more opportunities that you can appreciate. It’s all about having the patience to reach this perspective.

Sometimes, life hands you lemons.  It could be Monday morning, you woke up late and missed your coffee, discovered you had a flat tire, and it just keeps on going.  Maybe you feel like a failure because you still have not reached some of your goals. Much of the time, impatient people are impulsive and they want instant gratification (no thanks to smart phones).  They want things NOW.  And when they don’t have it, (whatever it is), they feel defeated (“I am so done with today!”).  When things take consistent work, we want to give up because the gratification is not there.  It’s imperative to note that many successful figures did not acquire their success without several failures.  Do not be afraid to fail- be afraid of never trying.  All of this not only requires patience for the outside world but patience for yourself; if you do not have this, you are doing a great disservice to yourself and all that you could potentially accomplish.  I am certainly guilty of everything listed above, and I am therefore not preaching at you.  I’m simply trying a different approach and sharing it with you 🙂

There isn’t always a perfect moment, but a perfect amount of patience and perseverance. It can even be healing.  It’s worth trying to improve.

“One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life”- Proverb

“Patience is the companion of wisdom.” –St. Augustine

Leave a comment if any of this resonates with you.  Thank you for reading!


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