“At the Brink” by Kristine Jorgensen

This poem goes out to anyone who has faced struggle, abuse, self harm, or anything related. It can be a dark road, and sometimes you have to go back before you can go forward.


“The looks we get, they are not kind
Can’t relax long enough to unwind
Push me up, push me down
Wherever you push, I end up on the ground.

The wounds in which you inflict
Like a match on gasoline,
Spread around me
Burn all over me
Then suddenly, everything’s gone, any light that was inside of me.

How did this happen, how did I get here?
On the outside, I blame everyone far and near
The inside, the parts of me that no one sees,
Are the most abused and battered,
Some of it because of me.

My pride, it hinders me,
Yes, I have pride, which I guess you cannot see
I know that in order to go forward, to move on,
I must take steps backwards, on this path that I am on.

I am at the brink of something new.

There is nothing that I cannot get through.”



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