Before Baby


Pregnant Yoga…one day 🙂

Now that I am married, I can’t help but think about having children within the next five years or so.  The idea of it scares me yet excites me, and I feel that Jacob and I would be great parents.  Even though many peoples’ pregnancies are “surprises” or “unexpected”, and “you are never ready for it,” I am going to prepare as much as I can in the next few years for a baby.  There are certain goals that I want to set for myself, places that I want to be financially, legally, spiritually, physically, mentally, career-wise, with home renovations, and more.  It is imperative that I don’t get pregnant too early, like before we can really provide for the child, nor when I am older, when health risks really increase for the child (which is typically around age 34, I believe).

One thing that I have only begun to feel strongly about is how much I want to be a stay-at-home mother while my children are youngsters.  I want to be there to watch them grow.  I want to be there for them so that I know they are getting great care.  I want to allow them to try new things and support them.  I want to give them one-on-one attention so they can learn faster.  I want to know what is going on in their lives from day to day and record them being cute so I can show the videos to my husband.  I want to wait by the door for daddy to come home and get excited when they see their daddy and hug and kiss him.  I want to make nutritious meals for them.  There is oh so much that I want and plan to have…yet I completely understand that life almost never goes according to plan.  Trust me guys, I have learned time and time again that when life goes in a different direction, you have to ride the waves and just hold onto yourself.   I know that I might not be able to be a stay-at-home-mom, and that I might have to send my child to day-care.  I know that that is not exile, but it just isn’t my idea of ideal right now.

With that said, I still find great value in writing down my goals and working towards them.    What do I want to have accomplished before having children, you ask?


  • Take a dream vacation to Europe or Australia
  • Take a road trip
  • Read many books about babies, birth, and pregnancy
  • Have adventures
  • Read more books that speak to me
  • Self discovery/self development, so that I can radiate my love to others in the best way I can
  • —> I know some people might not see how any of these things are spiritual, but these things really do fill up my spirit and are spiritual for me!



  • Be getting exercise 4x per week
  • A combination of yoga, cardio, and weight training
  • Be used to eating healthy



  • Have a good chunk of money saved up for baby and for emergencies (children are money-suckers!)
  • Have shared bank accounts with Jacob (and of course keeping my own accounts)
  • Get a new car (hopefully one with 4 wheel drive)
  • Disability insurance?  (something wise to look in to?)
  • Choose a health plan for baby (baby must be added within 30 days of birth)
  • Think about guardians



  • Buy Life Insurance
  • Create a will/beneficiaries



  • Get experience in my profession for at least 3 years before becoming a stay-at-home-mother
    • I specifically want this amount of experience because most job postings require this much, and I want a smooth transition back into my field once the children get older.



  • Discuss with Jacob how we want to raise children, how we will discipline, etc.
    • Important


Home Renovations

  • Finish the basement (or at least get a good chunk of it done)
  • Modify the deck/backyard


  • Strengthen my marriage with my husband.  Continue to value him in all that he does and show actions of love and commitment, honesty and support.

There are all sorts of lists online that talk about “things to do before baby arrives!” etc. and a lot of them I find to be a waste and uninformative.  Hola, I know how to have fun before I have a baby and that I will have to sacrifice those spontaneous nights for my children.    However, I found this list to actually be helpful and I wanted to bookmark it for you guys.

Read it here:

And another good one: <a href="

Thank you for reading my blog!

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