Norway+England= Dreams Coming True

This has all happened faster than I ever imagined that it would, but that is just another part of what is making everything so wonderful.  It was Friday that my future parent-in-laws Sheryl and Dan called me with this idea that they would send me off to visit their daughter, Krista, in Norway, and within only about two hours, I had my email confirmation for my flights.  I cannot thank Dan and Sheryl enough for sending me to Norway–this is such a fantastic and great opportunity for both Krista and I.  And what a stunning country Norway is–holy moly.  How kind of them and what a great deal financially for me (I’m a poor college student, remember)!  I will be living it up in Europe from May 17th-25th– the entire length of my stay 😉

In addition to seeing Oslo and other areas of Norway, Krista and I are GOING TO LONDON!    LONDON LONDON LONDON!  I am sorry for being obnoxious.  But this excitement stems from the fact that our flight from Oslo to London was so cheap– it costs less than $50 for a round-trip ticket each.  In addition, we will be staying in a hostel to cut costs (but that has yet to be booked).

I feel so lucky.  Dreams are really coming true this year.

I put together a little slideshow of areas/things that I will most likely end up seeing 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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