Grades are not Everything

I might decide to take that back depending on how the few months after my college graduation turn out.  But for now, I stand by that statement.  Grades are not everything.  

In high school, I was definitely one of those girls.  One of those girls who really cared about her grades.  I would regularly raise my hand (in some classes) to answer questions, have my homework done on time, and overall received very good grades.  I did it because I thought that was all I had going for me and that people who didn’t put effort into their grades would most likely be unsuccessful losers who wouldn’t go to college.  I couldn’t be like that.  No.  I was too ambitious for that, and would not settle with the low quality of life that I [then] believed would follow.  Good grades, in turn, would be the key to a happy and achievement-filled life.  Now, in my final year of college, I no longer have such an anxious feeling toward my grades.  And make no mistake, I still care about them, but I no longer obsess over them like I used to simply because doing that gets you nowhere and I have come to believe that grades are over-emphasized anyhow.  Honestly, at this point, what is the point of regurgitating the information that has been thrown at you?  To test your memorization techniques or to see if you were paying attention?  Anyone can do that aside from those who have a learning disability.  Why is there so much emphasis put on this?  It neither measures your intelligence nor your critical thinking skills.  Can I have my degree already? (Finals week is fast approaching and I am not happy- HA).

My problem with grades (especially in high school) is that kids with higher grades are generally perceived as being superior to kids with lower grades.  Some of these smart kids with the high grades would drink until they passed out, cheat on their boyfriends/girlfriends, and other things like that (yes, people with bad grades did it too) yet are rewarded as if they are more superior to someone who gets okay/bad grades but spends time outside of school staying busy and living their life in a healthy and positive way.  I am not judging the pain and sadness that some of these people go through, I know that their choices and immature behavior are a result of a variety of different things.  However, the point remains clear, they should not be treated like they are superior!  Have you guys ever known someone who gets perfect grades in school but is also one of the DUMBEST people you knew?  Would it KILL them to think for themselves (or at least use Google)?  It pains me how some people will go through life doing exactly what society expects of them but never think for themselves, never create, and never find inner peace or a bigger purpose in life.  This is what I am talking about, people.

Grades don't measure intelligence and age doesn't define maturity

Being creative is one of the things that I value most in this world.  It is the ability to create something whether it be a song, an equation, a construct, a medicine, a better way to wash your socks (random), a story, or simply a thought.  Anyone can be creative.

And even more, some people spend thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars on college.  I feel that some people (not all of course) view colleges similar to the way they view clothing labels.  They only want to go to the college that is the most prestigious so that they don’t have to feel embarrassed when they say where they are going.  Much like no one really likes to admit that they got their shoes at Payless (guilty..).  I would rather tell people that I got my shoes at Macy’s rather than at Payless, but OH WELL, most people don’t care anyway.  Some people feel lame saying “yeah, I’m just doing community college first” and I don’t understand why.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of especially if you aren’t filthy rich.  At the end of four years when  you have your bachelor’s degree, it doesn’t really matter where you got it from [as long as it is accredited] because most employers won’t even really care.  Much like no one is going to know that you got your shoes at Payless unless they check the tag.  Don’t feel ashamed.

Anyhow, that college/clothing label thing was just a side-note.  In conclusion, I hope you feel inspired to live your life in a way that YOU find meaning in.  Be mindful and positive in how you go about your day, and know that although good grades do help, that they are not everything.   Expanding your mind in other ways makes room for new ideas, improving talents, and enriching the meaning of your life.


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